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Do your dream of being the envy of the neighborhood? The backyard everyone goes for savory barbecues during the highlight of the football season? Do you desire the ability to cook delectable meals, no matter the time of day? All of this and more is ready at your very own fingertips! Look no further than Backyards n More! We are one of Florida’s largest outdoor kitchen designers, distributors, and builders. We service Jacksonville, Sarasota, Bradenton, and the Panhandle. Backyards n More are licensed in the state of Florida, (contractor license #CPC1457144) with a gas license, and specializing not only in swimming pools but in outdoor kitchen remodels and designs for Sarasota and Manatee County. Let our experts handle your backyard dream while you relax and watch it happen. We can handle all the stress and confusion for you as we construct your ideas and visions of your personal outdoor kitchen. From major projects to minor, Backyards n More can complete any project, no matter the magnitude!

Imagine the backyard as if it were an extensive addition to your home. It is a fortress of recreation and enjoyment. Treat your outdoor backyard as another type of room. And just like any other part of the house, it requires design, purpose, and upkeep. In the backyard, there are endless opportunities for entertaining friends or enjoying time with family. This is especially true in the state of Florida, where the weather constantly supplies the ultimate opportunity for dining outside every night. This outdoor room could possess a more deluxe kitchen than the one inside your house with more and better ways to prepare food. Combine all the right tools, provided by Backyards n More to complete your perfect kitchen. Your new kitchen could be the start of a new life in Florida. This new addition to your home will give you a better backyard, better family bonding, more enjoyment with better food.

Food is what brings people together, no matter their background or past. Utilize this idea to make new friends and entertain the ones you have. Outdoor Kitchens or Summer Kitchens are custom built to BBQ, Smoke, Sear, Bake, Grill, and Roast. Investing in a new Backyards n More grill would be the best way to ensure a lifetime of grilling pleasure. Your new future grill will be loaded with cooking features to smoke any type of meat. A variety of grilling features, such as cooking with charcoal wood pellets or chunks give your food a unique savory flavor. Also, a rotisserie and infrared heat could be applied to smoke food to perfection. The grill of your dreams is calling, now you just have to decide which one fits you.

The Backyards n More showroom is filled with high-quality grills by FireMagic, Blaze, Saffire, and others. Each grilling machine is equipped with unique features to smoke and cook anything. Backyards n More also offer custom kitchen orders to create the outdoor cookery of your dreams and match your lifestyle. You will be taught how to use your newly built custom kitchen to its fullest potential with a whole new array of meals. The meat taste and cooking styles will develop and blossom. Each component will be thoroughly explored and experimented with. Your indoor kitchen cannot even try to compare to the outdoor version. Think of the difference grilling with fire compared to electricity. Nothing makes food more flavorful and mouthwatering then applying an open flame. Creating a custom smokebox and grill head with giving your steaks and birds plenty of room to roast, probably twice the room than a traditional oven. In addition to this outdoor cooking paradise, an outdoor refrigerator can hold all those cold drinks. This makes it so easy to entertain your friends outdoors on a raised bar area fit for the whole team. Each of these features can be created for half the cost of your previous indoor kitchen remodel.

For more than 75 years, Fire Magic has been building the world’s finest outdoor grills for over 75 years. These grilling machines are perfect for people who demand the highest quality and performance. The most updated grill features and made from the highest quality materials, are suited for today’s most distinguished outdoor cook. Each grill issued from Backyards n More is backed by the industry’s best warranty so this is the last grill you will ever invest in. Fire Magic also has an extensive line of premium accessories to create an amazing outdoor kitchen. Some supplementary equipment also produced by Fire Magic includes refrigerators, side burners plus many more to master the entire kitchen.

Blaze is built of the foundation of a passion for outdoors and grilling that bring a family together. After continuing 45 years of experience in the industry, Blaze has used the experience to develop, test and make our products fantastic. They blend a super high-quality product with an affordable price point. Each grill comes with a solid warranty to withstand time, weather and damage. Different styles of grills create the ultimate unique grilling experience for each chef. The grill is personalized to your cooking situation either feeding friends or family. To get the most out of your grill, we will provide you will all the tools and skills to make you an expert grill chef with the perfect grill.

Saffire Grill Co. is a family-owned and operated company with over 30 years’ experience in the Barbecue industry. Saffire Grill Co. has been on the market for 7 years, knowing exactly what the ultimate grill man wants. A family built a business with family in mind providing you with a lifetime warranty. Saffire uses thick hardware with high-quality metals and polish to master the art of ceramic cooking. Saffire outlasts other grills because it produces minimal ash for easy cleaning, and up to 75% reduction in charcoal use.

Backyards n More can design and build your custom outdoor kitchen from start to fire up. To start the building process, we recommend using 1” aluminum frame with a ½ Hardie board backer to create a strong lifetime base cabinet. This custom aluminum cabinet can be designed and added to any personal preference you want with your kitchen. Popular choices include a high bar, circular table, “L” or rectangle shape or any other design shape you can think of. Once the cabinet is installed, Backyards n More will help you pick out your cabinet, including colors, material, and design. The cooking appliances and components, such as outdoor rated refrigerators, kegs, doors and drawers, and especially the grill head, are available in a wide variety in the store. Your kitchen will be built using 304 Stainless Steel to ensure longevity and durability. Each material sold by Backyards n More carries a lifetime warranty providing you with the best possible cooking experience.

The grill is not always the center of attention, along with a large selection of granite, tile and paver options. Large pavers and a sleek stone fireplace turn your outdoor kitchen into the perfect for relaxing after work. Each type of paver creates a picturesque kitchen and adds a unique personalized feel. There are a wide variety of pavers that can be used in each kitchen to create this cozy and structured appeal. Will you apply a storybook setting? Or perhaps a tropical retreat with plenty of plants to fulfill your green thumb? Backyards n More can help fuel your imagination to provide you with all the tools you will need. Terraced stone steps in a mix-and-match pattern create a strong focal point, while softly complementing your marble counters. Or perhaps you would prefer a courtyard retreat. Gravel’s earthy texture provides a clean and smooth surface creating the perfect barefoot patio. Flagstone gives the impression of a path winding through a mystical land.

Want to add an outdoor kitchen to your house, but scared of breaking the bank? The average cost of an outdoor kitchen is around $12,000 to $15,000. It’s all about selections, from features such as a grill or sink. Outdoor kitchens on a budget might not sound as appealing, but Backyards n More will work with you to determine what amenities can fit within your budget. Important things Backyards n More will help you make smart decisions to work with what you’ve got, including making sure each item is climate-appropriate and durable. We want your kitchen to be your own unique escape, a personal outdoor “Man-Cave.” Leave it to the professionals, Backyards n More, to handle all the tough work.

Many other amenities can be attached to your outdoor kitchen making it the envy of the neighborhood. Large sinks, refrigerators, kegs, and wine coolers can be built into your countertops. Backyards n More are able to install a large pizza oven to rival your inside conventional oven. Have a romantic candlelit dinner with your significant other, enjoy a fun bonding meal with the kids or revel in entertaining guests by the pool. The possibilities are endless, you just provide us with your vision.

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