Beware of Stub-Outs

Buyer Beware – “stub outs” are out there!

Many new homeowners have what they call “stub outs” for an outdoor kitchen on their lanai.

When you have stub outs – gas, electric and plumbing, it means the builder left you with everything you need to design your dream outdoor kitchen! Be careful not to be fooled by those companies offering prefabricated outdoor kitchens. Many are made with galvanized steel not aluminum and will not last in the Florida saltwater environment.

Many prefabricated outdoor kitchens are “as is” which means you get what they offer and not what you really want in your outdoor kitchen.

  • What if a sink was not on your wish list for an outdoor kitchen but the prefabricated one only has that option?
  • Why pay for a component you do not want or will not use?
  • What if you wanted your grill location changed, will they be able to accommodate that?
  • What if your space is larger than the kitchen sizes they offer?

Many companies offering those prefabricated outdoor kitchens do not even install them for you but leave them on your lanai!! Most outdoor grills weigh over 100 pounds – do you want to move that into position? You shouldn’t have to!

A home builder’s specialty is just that – building homes, not outdoor kitchens. 

  • Are you contacting a home builder for your outdoor kitchen?
  • Does the company you are working with have a brick and mortar building? 
  • How long have they been in business and how long have they been building outdoor kitchens? 
  • Does that company take the time to teach you about the different manufacturers of grills and components and what each brand has to offer and why they differ
  • Are they listening to what YOU really want in your outdoor kitchen?
  • Did you ever meet directly with the owner of the company? 
  • If you have met the owner, will he disappear once the contract is signed? 
  • Try to select an outdoor kitchen company that is engaged in every phase of your project, has integrity and will work with you until the completion of your project.
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