Selecting BBQ Grill Components

Choosing the right Grill Components for your Outdoor kitchen

When designing your outdoor kitchen take into consideration the type of grill and components you would like to cook with. Grills are obviously the most common component used in an outdoor kitchen. But do you want to grill using gas, pellets, ceramic, lump wood, infrared or electric?

Think about the different ways you want to use your grill – do you like to use a rotisserie? Then a gas grill is your best option but not all gas grills are equipped to accommodate a rotisserie, so do your research.

Do you like to sear your fish or steak? There are a few grill options for searing – you can use a gas grill, infrared burner or a Memphis pellet grill.

A griddle is another component to use for a different style of cooking. Who said your outdoor kitchen is only for lunch and dinner? Why not use the griddle for a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns all cooking at the same time and same place? And for dinner, a griddle is a perfect way to sauté vegetables or cook main courses.

A power burner adds another element to your outdoor kitchen offering even more ways to cook. Unlike your typical side burner that you can only heat up sauces or beans with, a power burner has a higher BTU output which means it reaches higher temperatures (up to 700 degrees). When you add a power burner to your outdoor kitchen design, you can now have shrimp and lobster boils, corn on the cob, turkey and fish fries and wok cooking. Add a griddle pan to that same power burner and enjoy yet another way to use your power burner!

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