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So your pool is looking a bit rough? Maybe you see some blisters where the finish is peeling up, rust and stains, tiles cracking or falling off and just a dull pool experience.
Backyards n More is the place to shop for great creative swimming pool remodel ideas. We can suggest, educate and assist in every detail of a really exciting project. Swimming pool remodels are actually fun, easier and more affordable than you think…
There are so many options of pool tile, pool equipment, marcite finishes, pool features and pool designs that it could get a bit confusing. That is why Backyards n More is worth the phone call and free estimate to learn more about your project. We do not practice high pressure sales, but concentrate on communication and work with you and our professional team to make this a enjoyable experience.

Tile comes in many sizes, colors, sheen and shapes.  It is probably one of the most expensive costs when it comes to remodeling a pool.  You can get tile mosaics in a variety of animals or patterns.  There are literally thousands of tile choices.  Yes, you must have waterline tile because the marcite pool finish will dry and crack if exposed to the elements.

Pool Finishes also come in a variety of materials, colors and styles.  10 Years ago we knew this material as pool plaster.  Today the term is called pool marcite or resurfacing the pool.  There are a variety of colors, material and application processes.  Think of pool marcite as a bag of white cement (Portland) and aggregate (stones or pebbles)  Pebbles come in a variety of manufacturers, colors and sizes from exotic to small bits of quartz.  You might hear of such manufactures such as Pebble Tec or StoneScapes or River Rock?  All these brands are basically the same material, a bag of portland, possible dye pack and a bag of pebble.   Another alternative to a pebble finish is a quartz finish.  The quartz finish is just that, bits of stone quartz is used as the aggregate where a larger pebble is used in a pebble finish.  The application process is different as well as the warranties.  There are other products to be aware of as well such as Durrazo or Hydrazzo a polished marble smooth surface.  This is again another different application process.  Most people would say “this material feels good on my feet”.   What you, an educated, savvy customer really cares about is who is doing the application, if they are State licensed and the warranty of that finish.  I have seen some pretty thin material applications done by some shady characters.  Go with someone like Backyards n More who owns a brick and mortar location, State licensed contractors and who cares about every project.

Other Pool Project ideas might include:

Adding colored LED lighting for a night time show to applaud to.

Adding a beautiful spa to your pool. It can be built completely in-ground, or you can raise it up a little for a dramatic spillover effect.

Reshaping your pool or modify the depth to suit your needs.
Adding a swim-up bar just like you enjoyed at your favorite vacation get away.
Putting a piece of nature in your backyard with a flowing waterfall cascading into your pool.
Modernizing the equipment with energy efficient pumps, filters and state of the art water purification technology.
Installing automated controls that will allow you to operate all of the pool and spa functions from inside the house or even from your computer at work.

Let Backyards n More work with you on your pool project.  We can educate you on the latest products and materials and offer you a free estimate that will fit your budget.

We thank you for the opportunity.



Enjoy our gallery of ideas for your next Pool Project.

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Custom Pool Project



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