Saffire Grills

saffire_1Grilling – Smoking – Baking

Saffire brings unmatched quality and innovation to the art of ceramic cooking. This ancient Asian style of cooker has now been perfected by Saffire

Cooking Advantages

  • 50% – 75% reduction in charcoal usage compared to regular steel smokers
  • 18+ hours of low temperature cooking/smoking with just 1 load of charcoal
  • Minimize and even eliminate flare-ups
  • Maintain even temperatures – No need to babysit your grill



  • Extra thick (1”) ceramic construction – Lifetime Warranty
  • Enlarged dome for more room to cook large items or more capacity with multi-level cooking options
  • Ceramic firebox with wider base for added stability and double ash capacity
  • Wider, thicker steel hardware for added strength and stability
  • Tight gasket seal for complete fire and temperature control
  • New stainless steel bottom air control with ember guard and precision graduated adjustment guide
  • “Smokin’ Chip Feeder” port to easily and safely add wood chips for smoking at any time
  • Stainless Steel Efficiency Plate to preserve more heat in grill and reduce exterior temperatures
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grid with hinged access door to fire

Product Features:

Smokin’ Chip Feeder:

Saffire makes it convenient to add the perfect amount of smoke to your barbecue with the patent pending Smokin’ Chip Feeder.


  • Having to put chips in first, and have them burning up, before the food goes on.
  • Having to open the grill while cooking and thus interrupting the cooking cycle, fanning the flame and losing heat.
  • Having to remove the cooking grid with food on it.
  • Trying to get chips to the fire by dropping them through the grids causing:

Extra Heavy Duty Hardware:

Saffire uses the biggest, thickest metal on the hinge, bands, cart and hardware. This provides strength, stability and longevity. The Platinum Series uses the finest 304 stainless steel while the Bronze series uses powder coated galvanized steel.

304 Stainless Steel Cart:

The heavy gauge tubular design is extremely sturdy without being cumbersome to handle. Includes Bamboo Side Shelves with Stainless Steel Tool hooks & Towel bar.

Enlarged Ash Capacity:

The extra wide base on the bottom of the firebox means the interior components are more stable. The larger area also leaves more room for ash and less cleaning.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grid­ with Access Door to fire

Use any type of spatula or cooking utensil  without having to worry about chipping or scratching porcelain. The bars on the grid were placed closer together to help prevent food from falling through. Access Door provides access to the fire without removing the cooking grid.

Easier Built-in Installation:

The Saffire Grill can be built in which makes the cooking area closer to the countertop height. The hinge does not pivot downward so it requires a special cut out or the grill to be elevated.

Cooking Grid Elevator:

(stainless steel)
Elevates the cooking grid and pizza stone up to the top edge of the grill. Provides easier access to food. Allows use of a pizza peel when cooking pizza. An original invention by Saffire!

Efficiency Plate:

The stainless steel plate under the grate reduces heat loss from the bottom of the grill. Also makes it safe on combustibles with the Build Kit.

Cast Stainless Steel Top Damper Control:

Made of solid 304 Cast Stainless Steel! Allows precision adjustment of airflow and grill temperature.

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