Think of the get togethers!

Think of the get togethers you can have if you build that dream custom outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted.

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean just having a grill to cook on.

There are so many design and component options available to make your outdoor kitchen a space you won’t want to ever leave.  You can add a bar – whether it’s counter height or a hi bar – with stools and you now have additional seating for your guests.

And face it, no one likes to grill alone, so by adding that bar area, grilling just became a social event!  Have a favorite drink beer or two?  Many manufacturers offer kegerators with single or dual taps….you will be the most popular house on the block!  Do you like to have parties where you need a lot of ice?  Outdoor rated ice makers can make up to 60 pounds of ice a day!!  Maybe you just need an outdoor rated refrigerator to store your kids juice boxes when they are swimming in your pool on a hot summer day.

There is nothing worse than a dripping wet bathing suit continuously running in and out of the house just for a cold drink!  Add that refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen design to keep mom and the kids happy!  Like to do shrimp or lobster boils?  Fry turkeys at Thanksgiving?  Wok cook?  A power burner is a perfect way to take care of all those “smelly” ways to cook by keeping it all outdoors and not inside your house.

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